Happiness Camp (Khushaali Sivir)

Various Exercises in Khushaali Sivir
  • Man is a store-house of energy.
  • The key of life is increasing positive energy.
  • Decreasing negative energy.
  • Increasing positive ways of thinking.
  • Improving life styles.
  • Finding better ways of coping with problems and various situation.


Stress leads to many diseases both mental and physical. It can be visualized as a master of many ailments.

It seems that there used to be a happier society in the past but where has that happiness gone ???. Well, nowadays, widely prevalent mental and social problems in the society have made it an increasingly difficult world to live in and much less happy world to live in……. A world searching for happiness but not getting it. The result people in complete turmoil, confusion, unsatisfied, directionless not knowing where to go next or what there next step should be! HAPPINESS GATEWAY(KHUSHAALI) seeks to provide holistic health to realize the ultimate happiness. Health should be visualized as not merely the absence of disease – mental or physical- but the attainment of harmony and happiness. Only a healthy individual can realize ultimate happiness – a happiness which permeates deep within his soul. In the disease state, both health and happiness seems to elude an individual and goes far away from where it cannot be even thought about and the person goes into complete despair. The question which stands out is that in these stressful times, how can we change our mindset, our life style and motivate ourselves so that we can realize the ultimate happiness. The programme HAPPINESS GATEWAY(KHUSHAALI.. EK PRAYAS The progress campaign) envisages immediate help (Helpline no. +91 8896970119) net based help ([email protected]) as well as community oriented motivational programmes including HAPPINESS GATEWAY(KHUSHAALI) workshops which seek to help in the formation of mindsets of people in the mass specifically tailored to enable the individual to experience peace, good health, harmony and ultimate happiness. The workshops conducted by the Director himself are a unique blend and amalgamation of spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology & Brain Sciences all combined together to roll out newer approaches to life and combating its hassles. Moreover, it is an open forum to bring out newer approaches, ideas and ways to bring about self actualization and self belief to be able to withstand the so called stress in life and it’s disastrous after effects. It seeks to mould the young citizens of India into a highly vibrant influential thought provoking group which by innovation of ideas and highly positive thoughts and life style could invariably lead to all round success satisfaction happiness and complete fulfillment in ones life thereby bringing about a better, healthier and more constructive society and world at large.